Cerulean Sins At a Glance

These are all links that are considered important for one reason or another and a way to keep everything in one spot that is commonly used.

Anything with a * is mandatory for all new characters, businesses, house, becoming an alpha or master.

- Pretty self-explanatory, make sure you read them the code word can be found there!

The Plot
- The story of CS! Be sure to read it!!

Needed Species
- This lists not only the species that we need, but also the ones that are banned and the open leader positions that we have!

*Character Outline
- The template for making your character, please make sure to use all of the code provided that applies!

Species Info
- Looking for powers or positions? All information on the species CS has can be found here!

*Character Directory
- A list of all the active characters we have on CS!

Character Reps
- The Face Claims, Play Bys, whatever you want to call them. These are the reps used as faces for your characters!

*Realty Templates
- Looking to make a house? A business? Anything realty inclined needs to have a template filled out for it, be sure to do this!

- Pricing for houses and businesses! It all can vary though!

*Local Businesses
- A list of all of our local businesses in Miami!

*Address Book
- This is a list of where all of our active characters are currently residing! This has to be done so everyone can be aware of where their and other characters live!

Your Shop
- If you need to buy a license, a house, or an array of other things you can check out Your Shop!

- A list of our RPIT team!!

- Family, lovers, prenatural relationships..all of those can be found here.

Who’s Who of CS
- Wondering who plays that character? Check here!

*Your File
- Want to become an Alpha? A Master? This is where you can do it! All the steps can be found here and it’s a pretty easy processes as long as your active!

- Writing contests, graphic contests! We have them all! Come in here and check them out! This will help in your journey to alpha or master status!

Open threads
- Have and open thread? Looking for an open thread? This is a good place to check!

Wanted Ads
- Want a thread? Want a Character? Post it here!!

- These are characters that need homes! Please don’t hesitate to adopt one!

Group Plotting
- This is where all the plotting for specific groups is made! Make sure to look here for up to date information on your group!